No dedicated swim lanes

Hi Team,
Unfortunately, Arlington County has notified us that, starting Monday July 27, we will no longer have dedicated lane space.
You can swim any time during regular pool hours using the registration system and we’ll still try to circulate a few workouts a week for anyone that wants to swim on their own.
To emphasize – Starting on MONDAY JULY 27, there will be NO DEDICATED ARMS LANES!
We will keep everyone updated as we know more.
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Practice Update

We thank you for your patience during this first week as the county figures out how to operate with new measures. A few clarifications we have from the county:
  1. The registration system had some technical glitches so now reservations are made 24 hours in advance (instead of 8am the day prior).  The portal is always what is most up to date.  APS will also hopefully be posting notices on their website:
  2. The pools have had to make some adjustments to the schedule and unfortunately did not notify us.  When you sign up in the portal, that will always be the most up to date when you make your reservation.  The reserved Masters time now is 8-8:45pm, M-Th, with check in at 7:45pm.  We are still getting clarification for Sundays but that will also be current in the portal.  APS wanted to make sure everyone knows that the situation is fluid and hopefully we can all stay flexible.  Sorry for any mix ups last night!

Please continue to reach out with any questions, concerns or updates and hopefully this will smooth out soon!


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Returning to Practice

As promised, we are following up with more details on the return to the pool. Below is the most recent information we have from the county.

Beginning on Monday, July 13th, we will have will have 4 lanes reserved on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (3 swimmers/lane) with check-in at 8pm and swim from 8:15-9pm. On Sundays we will have 4 lanes reserved (3 swimmers/lane) with check-in at 6pm and swim from 6:15-7:15pm.

Since we can only have 12 swimmers per night, we will split the days of the week by lane: Monday and Wednesday are reserved for lanes 1, 2 and 3 swimmers. Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for lanes 4, 5 and 6 swimmers. Sundays are open. If this doesn’t work for you, you are welcome to sign up on any night if there is space, but please be considerate of the intervals.

A few notes on practices:

  • We will not have a coach on deck, but we are putting together workouts that we will email to everyone on a weekly basis.
  • A roster has been provided to the county and only the names on the roster will be able to reserve a lane during our designated times.
  • You will have to reserve your spot here.  Reservations open at 8am the day prior to practice. If you find that you are repeatedly unable to find an open lane slot, let us know.
  • When you book, you will need to pay their fee online. It is $6.30/swim for residents, $8.40/swim for non-residents, $4.10/swim for 60+ residents, and $8.40/swim for 60+ non-residents. This is instead of our punch passes for now.
  • Swimmers must arrive 15 minutes before practice to allow for check-in. Swimmers will enter the facility through the main entrance and proceed to the designated area to complete a health screening questionnaire and temperature check.
  • Masks are required to enter the facility and must remain on while on the deck.
  • You cannot use shared pool equipment. We will avoid writing practices that require kick boards or pull buoys, but if you want to use one make sure you bring your own.
  • You cannot exit through the locker rooms, so you are required to bring your bag on deck.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are following the county’s guidance and rules, including pricing, so we will pass on any concerns or questions that we cannot answer.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Thank you so much for your patience with everything! The plan is subject to change depending on how things progress, but we will keep you posted if anything changes.

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Summer Pool Update

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!  As you may have seen, Arlington County has made progress in their plans to reopen the indoor pools this summer.  They are aiming to open in July, but have not announced an opening date yet.  We have been in contact with the County to ensure that Masters has lanes as the pools reopen.  While we will not be going back to a normal practice schedule at first, we are excited to be able to get back in the pool sooner rather than later.  We will be sending a more detailed email once we finalize the details with the County.

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Coronavirus Update

  • W-L and all Arlington County pools will be closed through April 13. This means there will be NO PRACTICE for the foreseeable future! You should have also received an email from USMS and Potomac Valley that all swim meets have been cancelled as well.
  • Please practice healthy habits and safe social distancing, so that we can all get back in the pool as quickly as possible.  You never know how healthy someone close to may be.
  • Additionally, in an effort to keep everyone motivated to stay active, if you post a picture or video of yourself doing a non-swimming workout to the Facebook group page, you’ll be entered to win a 6-punch pass when the pool re-opens!!  [If you don’t have Facebook, feel free to email and we’ll post for you].  So get creative and have fun! Hopefully we’ll be back in the pool soon.
Stay healthy,
ARMS Board
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November Announcements

  • It’s that time of year to renew your USMS membership! The cost of renewal is $75 (which includes USMS, Zone and ARMS fees all in one). Everyone who was a registered member in 2019 should receive a custom email on or around November 1, from USMS with a personalized link to renew for 2020. If you do not receive a personalized link, the general link is here. Sign the waiver and select Potomac Valley as your LMSC and ARMS as your club. Bring proof of membership (either printed or via cellphone) to the front desk by Jan 1, 2020. If you do not have a USMS membership by January 1, 2020, you will not be able to practice with the team. USMS membership is necessary for liability and insurance.
  • The pool is closed on Monday November 11th during practice time in observance of Veterans Day.
  • Mark your calendar for Friday, December 13th.  Details to come later this month.
  • Are you interested in writing workouts, motivating your fellow swimmers and providing stroke technique/tips?  ARMS is looking for an additional coach starting in the New Year to join the rotation of Allison, Dan and Lea.  Let the Board know if you or anyone you know is interested.
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  1. We are looking for two front desk volunteers for Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s a minimal commitment twice a month, or every other week, and just involves showing up 15 minutes before practice to punch swimmers in and field questions of new members. You get a free swim each time you volunteer! We’d love to have some new blood at the desk. Email us if interested!
  2. The Sprint Classic Swim Meet hosted by the GMU Patriots is being held October 27 at George Mason University.  Registration is now open at:  There are 25s! Sign up now!
  3. The holiday party will be the evening of Friday December 13th at Andie Nelson’s house. Mark your calendars!
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REMINDER: Practice schedule the week of Sept. 15

Sunday Sept 15 – Practice @ Wakefield Pool

Monday Sept 16 – Practice resumes @ W-L Pool

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REMINDER: Practice Schedule week of Sept. 8

Friendly Reminder that ALL Practices the week of Sept 8 (Sunday – Thursday) will be at Yorktown High School! See you there!

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REMINDER: Practice Schedule Week of Sept. 1

Sunday Sept. 1 – Regular Practice @ W-L Pool

Monday Sept. 2 – NO PRACTICE

Tuesday Sept. 3 – Practice @ Yorktown Pool

Wednesday Sept. 4 – Practice @ Yorktown Pool

Thursday Sept. 5 – Practice @ Yorktown Pool

* All practices are regularly scheduled times (8:30 – 9:30 pm Tues-Thurs., 6:00 – 7:30 pm Sunday)

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