Luray Triathlon

Yesterday several Arlington Masters athletes did the Luray Olympic distance triathlon. It was a spectacular day, and it was a lot of fun to see so many familiar faces. Over 600 athletes were in the race and it looks like we had some great results.

Cutest Couple (?)

Jayme – Jayme was the 13th fastest female swimmer and went on to have a personal best time for the race.

Steve – Steve is a relatively new swimmer and still managed to finish in the “middle of the pack” for his Age Group. Not bad! He eventually caught Jayme on the run and they ran through the finish line together! Isn’t that cute? *:-* kiss Jayme and Steve swear that it was a coincidence, but we’re not so sure.

A New Rivalry (?)

Greg – 8th overall and 1st in his Age Group! He passed Seb on the run to win the Age Group – which is good for Greg, and a bummer for Seb.

Seb – Right behind Greg for 11th OA and 2nd in his Age Group! For the podium shot, Greg went with an old school Denver Broncos shirt with aviators, while Seb went with some stylish Prada shades  *B-) cool

It Could Only Happen to Ben

Ben  – 1st place in the Aqua Velo! He was given the ominous bib # 666 and may have sold his soul to get the win. Ben may have some big issues to deal with going forward…just sayin’ *>:) devil

Fast Couple

Dawn  – 4th place overall for women, and 1st in her age group with fastest swim and run in her age group!  Awesome job!

Mike  – 3rd place overall! Got a fancy glass ice bucket that I’m not too sure what to do with, but I’m pleased with the solid finish.

Luray tri 1 Luray Tri 2 Luray Tri 3 Luray Tri 4
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