Sunday Night Practice Revamped for Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers

Sunday night workouts will now focus on developing triathletes and open water swimmers. All abilities are welcome. (More info: Sunday Night Practice PDF)

About the workout

The Arlington Masters swim team has produced many top tier open water swimmers over the years. Now, the team is making its 90 minute Sunday practice open to more swimmers through the new 6 punch entry card being offered by Arlington County. Now it is easier than ever for athletes who train with other swim programs to join the Arlington Masters on Sundays for a world-class distance workout.

Program highlights

PERIODIZATION: The Sunday workouts will be coordinated with upcoming distance swimming events.

YARDAGE: The Sunday workouts will have up to 5,000 yards covering endurance, aerobic, force, and drill intervals.

TIME TRIALS: Every few weeks, we will conduct a 1,000 yard time trial as part of the workout to measure each swimmer’s progress. The times will be entered into a Google Doc with formulas that can be used to calculate freestyle intervals during weekly training and provide estimates for 1500m, 1.2 mile, and 2.4 mile swim times.

OPEN WATER DRILLS: The workouts will include open water drills to work on sighting. On occasion, we will remove the lane lines to provide additional challenges.

COST: around $6 per swim, depending on punch card

For more details about the schedule and a sample workout, see PDF: Sunday Night Practice PDF

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