• We are in the process of switching over to a team email address. If you have questions for the exec board, shoot them here (
  • Coach Dan will be out through next Monday, so the front desk volunteers will be writing workouts. Please plan accordingly. We are aiming to notify you of nights without coaches to the best of our ability.
  • In addition to federal holidays, the pool will also be closed a few random days. Most notably in the next month, we will not hold practice on Monday January 19, Sunday January 25, Thursday January 29 and Thursday February 5.  Please take a look at this calendar.
  • Finally, as a reminder with the new year, sometimes we have an influx of more swimmers than usual. It’s important to remember proper swimmer etiquette. A few things to be mindful of:
    • Arrive to practice a few minutes early to space yourselves accordingly. Lanes 5/6 are fast, lanes 3/4 are medium, and lanes 1/2 are slower.
    • Leave 5 seconds after the person in front of you.
    • Stick with intervals for a whole set that is previously agreed upon by lane mates. Do not change the interval mid set.
    • If the person behind you touches your feet, swim to the nearest wall, and then let them pass at the wall.
    • If you need a breather in the middle of the set, please be mindful of your lane mates and allow them adequate space to do flip turns
    • Any gear that is used (kick boards, pull buoys, paddles) must be put away at the end of the workout.
  • Don’t forget to renew your registration if you haven’t yet! Hope everyone had a great holiday and we look forward to another fun year.
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