New Year!

  • We are excited for a new year ahead of us. Some of our goals this year include transitioning to electronic punch cards, more apparel options, better meet attendance and interactive practices. Stay tuned for details 🙂
  • Our first event will be happy hour on Monday January 18th at O’Sullivans from 6:30-8pm in lieu of practice. The pools are closed for Martin Luther King Day in the evening.
  • Our new exec board was elected at the holiday party. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns at
    • President- Alison Mathey
    • Vice President- Brittany Van Arkel
    • Treasurer- Rachel Brown
    • Registrar- Meredith Allen
    • Secretary- John Guiffre
    • Meet Coordinator- Steven Thames
  • A quick reminder about swim etiquette- practices can get crowded this time of year. In order to prevent swim rage among your fellow teammates, make sure to choose the right lane, be mindful of the intervals and stick with them, leave 5 seconds after the swimmer in front of you, and if you need a break, swim to the wall before stopping so that the swimmer behind you can continue with their flip turns. For more information, please check out our site.
  • Finally, it’s imperative that everyone register with USMS. This registration covers insurance and liability. You will NOT be allowed to practice until you have done this. No exceptions.
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