Upcoming Dates

  • Happy Hour- The pool will be closed Thursday November 3 for a dive meet. We will hold happy hour instead at a new location- The Spirits of 76- located at 3211 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA. It’s Patrick Doody’s (formerly of O’Sullivans) new bar and he has been a supporter of our team in the past.
  • Election Day- Tuesday November 6, normal practice.
  • Thanksgiving- No practice Wednesday November 23, and Thursday November 24th. Normal practice on Sunday November 27.
  • Holiday Party- Friday December 2 from 7-10pm at 1020 N. Highland Street, Arlington, VA (Rachel Brown’s condo building). More details to follow in the upcoming weeks.
  • USMS Renewal- Starting November 1, you will be able to renew your USMS membership for 2017. Look for a customized link in your inbox next week from the Potomac Valley Registrar. All members of our team must be registered by January 1, 2017 or you will not be allowed to practice. You can conveniently pay for your USMS, Potomac Valley and ARMS dues all at once again this year for $60. Stay tuned for more informationin the upcoming weeks.
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