Practice Update

We thank you for your patience during this first week as the county figures out how to operate with new measures. A few clarifications we have from the county:
  1. The registration system had some technical glitches so now reservations are made 24 hours in advance (instead of 8am the day prior).  The portal is always what is most up to date.  APS will also hopefully be posting notices on their website:
  2. The pools have had to make some adjustments to the schedule and unfortunately did not notify us.  When you sign up in the portal, that will always be the most up to date when you make your reservation.  The reserved Masters time now is 8-8:45pm, M-Th, with check in at 7:45pm.  We are still getting clarification for Sundays but that will also be current in the portal.  APS wanted to make sure everyone knows that the situation is fluid and hopefully we can all stay flexible.  Sorry for any mix ups last night!

Please continue to reach out with any questions, concerns or updates and hopefully this will smooth out soon!


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