Returning To The Pool!

After almost a year (to the day!) that we last saw each other together as a team in the pool, we have some good news ~ Masters practice is returning to the pool! 

 Things will be a little different, so please read the below notes carefully. We hope to see you back in the pool soon!  Please note, this is a temporary arrangement the team has made with Arlington Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) and if we are unable to take full advantage of the lane space, the amount of dedicated lane space may change. 

– Practice Time: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; 8:00 – 9:00 pm. Starting on Tuesday March 16

– Location: Wakefield High School

– Safety Precautions: Only 3 swimmers will be allowed in each lane, for a maximum total of 24 swimmers allowed each night.  In line with the pool rules, you will be required to wear a mask in the locker room, at check-in, and on deck until you put your bag down and head to your lane.  Please DO NOT congregate on deck before and after practice and put on your mask and leave the pool area immediately when practice concludes. 

– Coaching: Your regular ARMS coaches will NOT be on deck. However an Arlington DPR coach will be running the practices and will wear a mask on deck. They will guide you through a practice each night.  The ARMS Board will be meeting with the new coach before practices begin to let them know how our practices are normally run.

– USMS 2021 Renewal: Because this lane space is dedicated to Masters Swimming, you will need to be an active member of USMS before swimming.  You should have received multiple emails on how to renew at the end of last year. You must renew your 2021 membership (or join if you are a new member) BEFORE coming to your first practice for the year.  We will be providing a roster of swimmers eligible to use the land space to DPR on Wednesday, March 10th.  The cost of renewal is $75 for the calendar year. 

–  Reserving your lane space: You will need to reserve your spot using the Arlington Aquatics portal.  Reservations open 25 hours in advance (so 7:00 pm the night before) and Masters Swimming should be an option. YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY TO RESERVE YOUR LANE SPACE. Beginning on July 1, 2020 everyone must have an APS membership (30-day, school year, 3-month or 12-month) to use Arlington pools.  This is in addition to the Masters Punch Card.  THIS CHANGE WAS GOING TO HAPPEN REGARDLESS of the pandemic situation and prices to swim with ARMS are still very competitive with other teams in the region.  You can see membership rates here.  

– Punch Cards: When you arrive at the pool and are checked in you will also need to present your Masters Punch Card to be punched.  If you need to purchase a new punch card, you can do so here. If you buy a new punch pass online, bring our receipt to the pool for a new punch pass. 

Looking forward to being back in the pool!

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